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Marketing Partner Programs

Distribution Partners

Are those who market Prologic First's products and services in a defined geographic territory and render technical support services to customer installations. Typically such partners have an on-going business that caters to the hospitality industry or renders software systems development and/or integration services. Even IT solutions providers to the hospitality industry may find complementary products and services from Prologic First's range.

IT solutions for the hospitality business segment is a significant market in most parts of the world. Prologic First offers unique and innovative products and services for the market. It also offers support to partners - both in the form of technical support and domain knowledge. If you already deal with hotels as supplier of other products and services - you can add additional revenue streams. If you are an IT company engaged in providing vertical software solution and/or system integration services, you can also add to revenues by providing an additional solution.

Prologic First offers attractive terms, committed technical & domain support and co-marketing services to Distribution Partners to ensure business growth and profitability.

Find our more by filling and returning our Distribution Partner Inquiry Form. Click here to download a copy of the form.

Technical Partners

Individual or collection of IT professionals with exposure to hospitality technology who render technical support services, such as user training & on-site support, to users of Prologic First's customers. Technical Support partners are associated with a Prologic First Regional Office or with a Distribution Partner who are responsible for marketing the Technical Support Services Partner's services.

Find out more by filling in and returning our Technical Support Services Partner Inquiry Form. You may download a copy of the form by clicking here.

OEM Partners

Prologic First is one of the rare branded software companies that is willing to license it's source code on a limited and non-exclusive basis. Potential OEM partners include hotel chains that wish to license the source code to customize Prologic First's software and/or web based products for their own use. OEM Partners also include IT companies that wish to license Prologic First's technologies and/or source code to create their own products and/or brands including local language versions for non-English versions. Hospitality technology companies are also welcome to integrate selected product/services into their own product range.

Outsourcing Services Partners

Prologic First leverages on ready availability of skilled manpower in India with it's own knowledge of the hospitality industry and expertise in technical services to offer an array of outsourced services. Outsourcing partners promote Prologic First's outsourcing services and provide on-site coordination and support at customer locations.