How to attract Generation Y to your hotel

Here are some clever hacks that hotel managers are using to attract more of today's young, tech savvy travellers to their property. A 3-4 minute read.

There are many terms to describe consumers of different age groups. One such term is Generation Y – typically mid twenties to early thirties consumers who have grown up using technology, particularly smart phones. This is distinct from Generation X, who adopted technology as young adults. It's good to remember here that the first iPhone was launched in 2008 – just over ten years ago!

It would be wrong to generalize about a generation. Nevertheless, worldwide, such consumers have grown up with certain common influences, and demonstrate common behaviours. For example, Generation Y is online practically 24X7, and never shy about commenting or tweeting. As time goes by, this group will become the dominant consumer group, and the younger consumers who follow them will share certain characteristics.

Here are some simple, extremely practical things your hotel can do to stay relevant with Generation Y. Remember, this is an audience that loves travel, seeks new experiences, switches brands quickly and most importantly, is earning more and more.

Invest in good website pictures: Generation Y is very visually driven. They trust pictures more than text. Studies show that they give heavy weightage to pictures when choosing a hotel. Even if you are a small hotel, it makes sense to invest in a professional photographer to showcase your property. Remember, it's a one-time cost.

Provide a good breakfast: Guest interviews have revealed that when on holiday, this generation likes to have a good, hearty meal to start the day. 'Good breakfast' regularly features in the top 5 features they look for while selecting a hotel. While this is true of many, it is particularly important to Generation Y.

Reduce trips to the reception: For older generations, a smiling face at the reception is a source of comfort. But these young travellers hate going to the reception repeatedly, for the smallest of things. Mobile guest self service software helps them to use features such as self check-in, and makes things simple for them.

Consider free Netflix: Depending on where you are, Netflix costs a maximum of $13 per month. This works out to less than 50 cents per day. By adding this to the room price, you can provide a feature that will definitely be appreciated by the generation that gave us the term 'Netflix and chill'. In case your TVs are old, a Google Chromecast or equivalent can make them compatible.

Provide a juicer at breakfast: Generation Y is more health conscious than previous generations. Consider providing a juicer at the breakfast buffet. A kilo of oranges and a litre of orange juice cost approximately the same. The only additional cost is the juicer – once more, a one time cost. It will make your hotel stand out, and undoubtedly start popping up in reviews.

Be present on both FB and Instagram: Most hotels focus efforts on Facebook and Twitter, but you need to be active on Instagram. This is the medium of choice for this generation. Quirky, beautiful or personal (e.g. Chef's diary, best parties) pictures on Instagram will get you noticed over other competitors who are absent.

Get customer service management software: Customer service management software, which logs customer requests and raises the alarm if they are missed, is essential for Generation Y. They are very active reviewers, and will not hesitate to let the world know if they are unhappy.

These are just a few small things, but each one can make a big difference to this segment. We will list out more on this page in the future. Meanwhile, if any of the software above sounds interesting, get in touch. We make them.

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