Booking Diary and Activity Scheduling Software

for Conference & Banquets, Spas Business Center, leisure facilities etc.

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 Customer index. Customers may also be read from WISH Front Office and Club++.
Booking DairyThe Booking Diary. A single diary that displays availability of spaces, people and equipment.

Banquet Function Scheduling software

Banquet Function Prospectus and Confirmation.

Guest Appointment DairyTherapist diary and guest appointment card in a spa. Function Prospect of Scheduler

Function Prospect

Do you offer services such as rented meeting or party rooms, sports facilities like tennis or squash courts and spa treatments? Or, do you offer any similar service that requires you to manage availability and bookings of spaces, skilled manpower, equipment and related F&B services? If yes, you will be interested in .

is an innovative and versatile Windows based software developed to meet the needs of establishments that need to sell and manage facilities with limited capacity. It is the only software that meets diverse needs of spas, banquets, leisure establishments, business centres, etc. Yet, it is exceptional in it's simplicity and ease-of-use.

manages availability of limited resources, tracks customers & bookings, prints confirmations/contracts & schedules, assists in pricing & billing and maintains statistical history.

is integrated with WISH - Prologic First's Windows based Software for Hotels. It is also interfaced with Prologic First's Club++ software for Membership Accounting.

can be deployed on the same server as WISH and Club++ saving investment in additional computer hardware and system software.

  • Multiple activities - treatments, meetings, sports, etc.
  • Multiple spaces - with or without availability schedules & usage restrictions
  • Manpower by skills - with or without duty roster & availability
  • Equipment - general or for specific activities, limited or unlimited inventory
  • Pricing based on activity and product - per event, per event size or quantity
  • Seasonal, day-of-week and time-of-day pricing
  • Local customer database
  • Query WISH Front Office for customers
  • Query Club++ for members
  • Single booking for multiple events
  • Graphic bookings 'diary' for spaces, skilled manpower and specific equipment
  • Day, week and month view in 'diary'
  • Point-and-click on 'diary' to add spaces, manpower or equipment to booking
  • Multiple spaces, manpower and equipment per event
  • Manual override of pricing
  • Advance payments
  • Billing for items in an event or entire event or multiple events or entire booking
  • Immediate billing for 'walk ins'
  • Ad-hoc discounts
  • Settle by cash, card, room account in Front Office or city ledger
  • Consolidate revenues in Front Office Guest Ledger or post to WISH General Ledger
  • Customized confirmation - in print or by fax/email
  • Customer and employee appointment cards
  • Post event reports on revenues and billing.
  • Space, manpower and equipment sales reports
  • Customer event and revenue history
  • WISH Front Office
  • Club++