Improve Your Staff, Improve Your Business

How to increase revenue and customer loyalty through equipping your staff with the right tools and training

For a restaurant to increase sales and repeat business, superior service levels play a pivotal role. A successful restaurant owner understands this, which is why she/he makes it a priority to ensure that her/his restaurant is equipped to foresee, recognise and respond to each diner’s unique needs.

According to Tom Feltenstein, “brands create tangible bonds with customers when they deliver a level of service that goes beyond the expected”.

So what does it take for a restaurant to provide the kinds of experiences that boost revenue and customer loyalty? Here are 3 fundamental strategies which can help in building a strong frontline.

Provide the right operational tools. Diners are not always open to sharing negative experiences with restaurant staff. Most take their dissatisfaction home, leaving the restaurant with no chance to make improvements. However, with the surge in social media, growing numbers of diners prefer to share their experiences on Facebook and Twitter than on fora like Advisor, Yelp, etc. One negative social media review can have a wide-reaching impact on a restaurant’s reputation and ability to generate revenue.

Post-visit surveys cannot help restaurants address diners’ real-time needs. Restaurants need tools and processes that enable frontline employees to capture and resolve customer concerns on the spot. The mobile device opens up new opportunities for improvement.  Such devices are equipped with frequent diner profiles and have statistics about the diner’s preferences captured through his previous visits to the restaurant.

Start with the right people. Employee–customer interactions play a vital role in a restaurant’s success. If these interactions go well, customers will be likely to spend more and make return visits. If these interactions do not go well, customers will almost surely take their business elsewhere. Restaurants can build a foundation for positive customer interactions by putting the right people on the front lines. An ideal frontline staffer is someone who is personable, empathetic, focused on service and willing to learn.

Tablets or mobile devices are play a pivotal role in equipping the frontline employees with tools that can help them in serving the customer with utmost attention. One example of the above scenario would be: A VIP guest comes to the table who is a repeat customer. The front-desk can update the servers about such a guest through real-time alerts which would pop-up on the servers tablet/floor managers tablet. Thus, the team is prepared to serve this V.I.P and have his preferences available at the tip of their hand.

Exceed customer expectations. Good restaurant operators know that customers expect to be well treated and feel like they are getting value from the dining experience. The most successful among them recognize that they have to routinely exceed these expectations if they hope to stand out from the crowd and win the hearts, minds and wallets of customers.

Prologic First’s Android Touché successfully captures all the points mentioned above. It has been designed to increase customer satisfaction and increase repeat visits by customers. It helps in capturing the data related to the statistics of diner’s food and drink preferences and sends alerts about discounts and other promotions. Such tools, help in not only increasing customer loyalty but boost revenue at the same time.

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